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Julia Fletcher (she/her) is a music-based graphic designer and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY with over a
decade of digital art experience.
She has her BFA in Photography + Art History from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and taught herself everything she knows about graphic design by experimenting with Photoshop after hours of previous jobs.

Inspired by clashing colors, repetition in patterns and shapes,
and maximalist compositions, she brings a colorful and nostalgic feeling to musician’s identities through a contemporary lens. Her process involves collecting found imagery, patterns, and textiles from the late 70’s and early 80’s to re-contextualize and collage archival material to give it new life. She finds inspiration in new wave bargain bin album artwork, art deco, Memphis architecture, Italian horror movies, and vintage Rafaella sweaters.

She currently works as an in-house designer for Secretly Group (Dead Oceans, Jagjaguwar, Secretly Canadian, Saddest Factory) and freelances for various clients such as Bravado (UMG), Live Nation, Red Star Merchandise, Grand Jury, Fire Talk Records, and more. Previously, she was designing at VMP (Vinyl Me, Please) and Second City Prints.

When she has free time, she's road tripping to hear live music, learning how to play bass, record shopping, or at a movie theater.

For freelance inquiries, please contact ︎
(Julia is currently only taking freelance work from
clients in the music industry)

︎Please email for extended private portfolio︎

Services offered:
Art Direction, Photography, Merchandise Design, Poster Design, Vinyl Packaging, Layout Design, Album Artwork, Social Media Content
Services not offered:
Illustration, Branding, Motion Graphics, Video, Website Building

︎ @juliafletcherstudio