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A collection of my personal/concept work from 2019—present

My journey with design started at my bedroom desk out of boredom. I had friends in the music industry designing artwork for bands and wanted to take a shot at it, but had no professional graphic design skills or portfolio to show for. For months on end, I would come home from my corporate job, sit at my computer, and make posters that served as design exercises for me. With tons of practice, I was able to develop a portfolio of concept work with fake show posters of bands I wanted to work with, and album artwork I hoped to one day design.

I owe my portfolio to my dedication to my personal work, which helped me sharpen any skills I had and develop a personal style. A lot of the work shared here helped me land gigs I never would have dreamed of getting, and I encourage everyone to create earnestly and put your work out into the world. I’m a big believer in making something from nothing, and through the years I continue to find joy in making things for myself.

Although tempting to omit work I’ve grown to dislike, I’m leaving it all here to show the evolution of my design journey.

Newest projects appear first

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